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Country House of Latrines Lower | Puerto de la Laja. Low Guadiana. Huelva. Spain

The "Casa de las Letrinas Baja" (House of latrines Low") comes from the reconstruction of existing latrines ruins next to the old mining village Puerto de la Laja banks of the Guadiana river, declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of Andalusia in the category Historic Site.The single-storey house is newly built integrated in mining quartered. Registered in the Tourist Board of Huelva with the No. AR / HU / 327 09/12/2014.

"Casa de las Letrinas Baja" newly built plant is square and is made with criteria of contemporary architecture. The new two-storey building where it is located has two bays lined with quartered mining houses. The decks are covered with shingles by industrial origin of the site. In the south-they were integrated solar and photovoltaic panels. The project was designed for contemplation of the river and draw the edge of the village facing the stream of counterweight.
The property is distributed in living room, dining room and kitchen in the same area, plus two separate bedrooms, bathroom hovering somewhere between the two. All rooms except the bathroom with glass roof are exterior, the main having adjacent lights and ventilation and all enjoy stunning views of the river and stream.
The spacious and generous spaces and the simplicity of the materials used, the Roman marble quarry Navahermosa floor, the aluminum and the color "white" chosen serve fund a few furniture or selected functional objects without lose the rural character of new housing. Next to the entrance and balcony Guadiana river lies an outdoor terrace with wooden floors and vines for refrescar. The village is located in a privileged place of the Guadiana river, natural beauty, with a deafening silence. Pier has a spectacular mineral of great importance as industrial heritage. The town comes under the Greenway Trail and the river Guadiana to the twin mining town of Puerto de la Laja called Pomarao (Portugal). Now, with the new terrestrial communication, since the Guadiana river is navigable until Mértola, Portugal is five minutes from Puerto de la Laja. One step of a whole region to discover the "Baixo Alentejo" land of the great writer Jose Saramago and Nobel prize of "Alentejo singing" recently declared world heritage. Puerto de la Laja is located in the heart of baixo / low Guadiana to be declared an international nature reserve for the preservation of the natural and human heritage treasures.

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Pictures Country House of Latrines Lower, Puerto de la Laja. Low Guadiana. Huelva. Spain
Number of seats
6 people

1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen.

1 bed 135cm, 4 single beds 90cm.

Hob, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, utensils (pots, pans, utensils, plates, glasses, cutlery, etc.), trousseau (sheets, duvets, towels, tablecloths, etc.)

Solar energy for water heating,wooden terrace, fireplaces and heaters in rooms.

Nautical sports, ecological treking, cultural visits (Portugal), unknown gastronomy of baixo/low Guadiana.

Sanlucar del Guadiana, Alcautím, Pomarao, Vila museo de Mértola, Ayamonte, Algarve...


Puerto de la Laja s/n, 21594 El Granado (Huelva)
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