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Country Houses in Spain. Valdelarco. Sierra de Aracena

El Risco del Lomero.

The country house hanging from a "cliff" opposite the village, its a restoration of an old rural nave for keeping the cattle. Built under bioclimatic and ecological criteria, it is a country cottage and urban combination: arabic stone walls and other modern mate.

El Zarzo de Nemesio

El Zarzo, in the boundary of the village, has its origin in an ancient rural construction made for drying chestnuts. Country Cottage built under bioclimatic and ecological criteria, it is a rural and urban combination: arabic stone walls and other modern materia.

The Old Bakery of Valdelarco

The country house The old bakery of Valdelarco, placed at the foot of the emblematic church of the village, designated "Historic and Artistic Whole" and "Good of Cultural Interest". It is part of a block of the country house extended from th
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Valdelarco, Huelva, Spain.
Valdelarco, Huelva, Spain.

Houses in Valdelarco: The village declared a Historic-Artistic and Well of Cultural Interest by the Junta de AndalucĂ­a is located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aracena. Historical heritage - Artistic populations is very important and there are traces of Arab culture and especially Christian, with numerous churches, castles and other monuments dating from the eleventh century onwards. This part of the north of the province of Huelva has been isolated, for it has remained not only as an important architectural heritage but also an exuberant nature. Its inhabitants retain a genuine culture derived from the breeding and slaughter of the Iberian pig.

The prevailing climate is Mediterranean and is favored by the mountains that make the average temperature is lower than in the coastal zone. Summers in the mountains are very pleasant, while in winter are rare days when the thermometer low 0C.
The abundance of rain has favored the formation of vast forests of chestnut trees, holm oaks and forests of poplar and wild roses in the beds of countless streams, along with oaks and other species of the Mediterranean forest. The climate allows the birth of numerous species of mushrooms, this area being one of the most mycological importance of Europe. The vegetation is abundant: the rockrose, rosemary, mastic, lavender and cornicabra.
Among the animal species that inhabit this area are protected and black vultures, golden eagles, imperial, Bonelli, driveways and culebreras, hawks, kestrels, hawks and storks. Under the forest floor living lynx, mongoose, martens polecats, genets, badgers, deer, wild boars, otters, etc.
The village of Valdelarco is situated at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. Lies at the entrance to a beautiful valley that has an arc, being the origin of place names. Their houses are scattered on the hillside, with steep and irregular streets, offering visitors a truly unique stamp. Highlights the white, red-brown old mud walls by walls (of land) of their facades, contrasting with the deep green of the mountains.
As for the religious architecture of Valdelarco, it should point out the parish church of neoclassical style, dating from 1768. Pedro de Silva, foreman of the Archbishop of Seville, ordered lift on the temple ruined by the earthquake of Lisbon. Construction highlights the balance of its proportions, now too bright, the simplicity of its interior and the majesty of the site on which it stands, symbolizing the rule of the divine over the mundane.
Among the elements of civil architecture of the city include runners, a type of covered terrace, also called utility, which is the soul of an urban landscape and the image that lingers in the memory of all who visit. Few buildings are in themselves important, from an architectural standpoint, it is the homogeneous whole village, and its integration with its natural environment, which acquires value. The old town of Valdelarco is declared by the Andalusian Historical-Artistic since 9 May 1983. Despite this the old town Valdelarco has ceased to suffer unfortunate interventions. However, we can highlight some buildings of interest:
1. The small cemetery, located in the extension of the street Jupiter, isolated and well integrated into its environment; now the old whitewashed niches are giving way to other shiny black marble.
2. The Old watermill in street Estrados and mirror through which passed the bed of the stream of today Valdelarco tubing. The rehabilitation of the Mill for hotel started in 2007están stops and most of it lost.
3. Building exempt rustic Escoba Street corner with Espejo Street.
4. broker House in Atocha street corner next to the church, the priest's house.
The population has three bars - restaurants:
Bar "El Gordo" before the Emiliano or "Arroyo Bar" in the square below that serves as the Casinillo the village, which dishes Iberian pork accompanied by red peppers grilled with a taste recommended delicious sweet and fried cod.
Manuel Francisco bar before beekeeper set in an old house in which a sequence of rooms was used almost unchanged for the bar. Since April 2001 the tenants of this house have moved to the new mountain inn on the street Batuerto, inaugurated with the name "Victoria Bar". In the latter you can taste dishes cooked mushrooms and a savory filling Iberian sirloin. Today the restaurant has built a store of good natural preserves, hams, sausages, etc. place.
The "The Fourteen Arrobas" restaurant is set in an old rustic building to keep cattle or flock, hence its first name "Pestle" opened by the second mayor who has had this town. In its halls and courtyards between old walls tapiales its current owners serve good Iberian pork grilled only on weekends and feast days.
Among other facilities include a family of Iberian pig slaughterhouse, called "Manarro", in which handcrafted sausages and hams are produced. The latter are cured in antiquo ham curer available to that company. It has opened in the street Doctor Dominguez Adame office.
A township life adds up to midnight the disco-pub on the street Manuel Batuerto and closes when the last of his parishioners leaves.
Pictures Country Houses in Spain. Valdelarco. Sierra de Aracena
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