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Valdelarco Cheese and pepper jam

Valdelarco Cheese and pepper jam


Among the handcrafted delicacies Valdelarco we must mention the delicious goat cheese, which made some families.Suggest our pepper jam to accompany it with good bread.

Typical local dish is the broth, from the traditional pork that family is still practiced in many mountain villages. Or without sausage and bacon crumbs, which is made with potatoes, red pepper and garlic head, always with olive oil. Among the dishes to desserts, highlighting the punches and eggs snowy, made with milk, sugar, cinnamon and egg.

His famous cheeses:

Linked to milk production of goats there a craft worthy of being recovered: the preparation of their delicious goat cheese. Its production is concentrated since Christmas, time of weaning, as most are sold and which are no longer able to stay. The milking lasted up until late June, the spring being the most propitious time for the abundance of grasses and the shoots of bushes.

The process of this famous cheese is the first strain the milk and make a tune, "you will check rennet and spinning, without removing the fire until it thickens, ... a very small teaspoon of curd cheese for each is to be made, that amount to about 5 liters / cheese "(De Vega, A., 1991, 2). Then, the curd is poured into molds or "webbing", in which it is compressed to be dropping slowly to the serum, which falls on a tray of poplar "entremijo" leaning and falling to a vessel in which stores, must within one hour to drain the cheese.

The next step will be salted with coarse salt, a day on one side and one on the other, washing the cheeses to the third party to not worry too much salt. After two days and completed the preparation of fresh cheese, can be sold, or stored in the cellar to cure it, "When you go to be cured, it goes into the jar and have to take it almost daily and spin, ... when they are well dried and cured at all, they put oil "(De Vega, A., 1991, 3). Furthermore, care must be taken not moldy and having the right humidity. Finally, after all this painstaking process, the cheese is ready for consumption.

Production still quite low, it is easy to market it locally, given also the quality and reputation of the product. However, farmers complain of low prices compared to reaching the hard work and the slow and hard process of crafting. It will be a pity that this activity is lost in the absence of incentives. Producers should receive government aid, and "partner for the marketing of goats and cheese production have to leave their state of semi-clandestine. (Rodríguez Gamero, 1986, 9).