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El Risco del Lomero. | Country Houses in Spain. Valdelarco. Sierra de Aracena

The country house hanging from a "cliff" opposite the village, its a restoration of an old rural nave for keeping the cattle. Built under bioclimatic and ecological criteria, it is a country cottage and urban combination: arabic stone walls and other modern mate.

The house made with criteria of contemporary architecture is a combination between the rural and urban: the rock of the terrain, and adobe walls of Arab heritage, coexist with current rabidly materials such as steel fireplaces and polished concrete materials in ground floor. Inwardly full of open spaces and bright light connected by stairs.The house, terrace and even a pool air are designed for contemplation of Valdelarco, declared a historic artistic and cultural interest well set.The sobriety of the decor is not an absence but an aesthetic choice. Guests will find a Bau Haus style by "" kitchen in the old manger, mannequins, etc.The house is located on a yard delimited by a adobe wall bicentennial and the local trail. A door gives acseso the yard and trail to the door of the terrace. The house is sheltered by cork trees, two pear and plum trees of San Antonio and abundant vegetation.You can also find paths of a great natural and scenic value coming from this house, situated in the heart of this Natural Park of Rehabilitation awarded the Prize of the College of Architects of Andalusia. Huelva, 2000. Valdelarco has served as a location for scenes from the film "Yerma" based on the work of Garcia Lorca. It was directed by Pilar Távora. And it has also been the subject of several documentaries televison. 

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Pictures El Risco del Lomero., Country Houses in Spain. Valdelarco. Sierra de Aracena
Map. El Risco del Lomero. Number of seats
2 people + 2 additional

1 leavingroom, 1 beedroom, 1 leaving-bed room, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen.

1 doublebed 150 Cm, 2 sofa-beds 80 Cm viscolatex.

Microwaves, dishwasher, washingmachine, litle frigde, household. Firewood included in the price is a basket.

Steeled chimney, firewood stove, air balcony, cellar, and rustic pool.

Treking, cultural visits, Iberian pig gastronomy, mycology...

Heart of Natural Park of Aracena, 14 villages and small villages, Historic and Artistic Wholes..


Calle Estrados 1, 21291 Valdelarco (Huelva )
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Valdelarco ham

Among the handcrafted products Valdelarco must stress the serrano ham, chorizo space between the pork, and other delicacies of the Iberian pig.

Iberian swine adaptation represents millennia of effort and centuries of persevering selection aimed at achieving a perfect animal, able to take full advantage of...

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Now, with new installments, you can book your holiday with peace of mind.

Bau Ksar integrated into your system the possibility of partial payments depending on the amount and advance booking.

In Bau Ksar we have built a new system that will facilitate the payment splitting twice. In this way, our clients are not obliged to disburse full at time of booking.  

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Valdelarco Cheese and pepper jam

Among the handcrafted delicacies Valdelarco we must mention the delicious goat cheese, which made some families.Suggest our pepper jam to accompany it with good bread.

Typical local dish is the broth, from the traditional pork that family is still practiced in many mountain villages. Or without sausage and bacon crumbs,...

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Bau Ksar launches new website

Founded in Seville (Spain) in 1989. Is a promoter of buildings for sale, rental or rural tourism

Bau Germanic language that means construction, building, compared ksar which is the name given to the North African desert fortress cities, vertebra and gives substance to this duality...

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