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Apartment old haware store

The new two bedroom loft style apartment (year 2016) with balconies to the Plaza del Pan and Alcaicería street comes from the renovation of an 18th century building. The new kitchen designed in white natural stone allows from the altar of food cooking enjoying the historical urban landscape. VFT / SE / 254

In the building of the XVIII century was established for more than 200 years the hardware store "Garcia and Cia" until its inevitable closure in 1989. In 20016 has been newly renovated to create a large space the living room and kitchen. The kitchen and dining room is an authentic viewpoint with views of the square, the dome and tower of the Church of El Salvador, the greatest exponent of baroque architecture. In the kitchen, the dining room of the table, join the food preparation altar, protagonist of the space and allows the outside landscape while you can enjoy a conversation or help by the part of the diners located at the table. A large low sofa with built-in auxiliary table completed the furniture of the new space.
The bathroom has a shower built into the marble floor with the wooden floor. Likewise the toilet has the integrated cistern to have more free space. The bidet has been replaced by a shower faucet next to the toilet. Complete the washing envelope on marble countertops and windows in the skylights by letting the living room light into the vest, even creating adjacent lights inside the bathroom.
The bedrooms: one with double bed and one with two single beds, have several wooden windows and acoustic insulation to the street Alcaicería de la Loza. The two bedrooms have fitted wardrobes in white lacquered wood.
In the built-in wooden furniture of the entrance to the apartment is integrated the washing machine and the articles of cleaning. There is also an exhibitor of the old objects and samples of the Hardware.
In the pedestrianized Plaza del Pan, the old covillas of the back of the Church of El Salvador are occupied today by the shopkeepers. The building of "Almacenes Pedro Roldán" by Aníbal González (architect author of the Spanish square), give personality to the square. The Plaza del Pan, today named as Plaza de Jesus de la Pasion, is located in the heart of the royal Seville in the busy and lively quarter of La Alfalfa, four minutes from Plaza Nueva and eight minutes from the Cathedral and the tower Of the Giralda, walking.

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Data sheet
Number of places
4 persons

1 living dinnig and kitchen, 4 balconeries, 1 complete bath room, whit 4 balconeries, 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 twist bedroom

1 latex bed 1.35 cm, 2 latex single beds 90Cm

Fridge, freezer, washing machine, oven, dishwasher, TV, sheets, towels

Elevator, Air conditionig, heating, hot water and WIFI.

Was recently reorganized the environment through the project "sensitive skin". (March 2004 the neighborhood of Alfalfa, recovering for pedestrians, large space for the enjoyment of quiet and comfortable way, without cars. It is the oldest Seville, Seville Roman. This place has exerted an important power of attraction for all its inhabitants . Therefore principally engaged, we propose a walk very slowly to contemplate the urban landscape and experience the atmosphere of the street.

The small traditional commerce is alive and well and there is a wide variety of bars, bodeguitas, cafeterias, taverns, restaurants and nights clubs. Ultimately you can live without leaving the neighborhood.

How to get?
From Seville Airport to the Old Hardware Apartment: 1.- By taxi, price approx 25 euros. Ask the taxi driver to stop at Cuesta del Rosario at the entrance of the Plaza del Pan. Walking towards the back you will find Calle Herbolarios, the second on the right. And to few meters the number one. 2.- By bus, go to the last stop in the Prado de San Sebastián, price 2.10 euros. Take the surface meter in front, for an approximate price of 1.10 euros, until the last stop in the Plaza Nueva and walk for 5 minutes towards Calle Herbolarios. 3.- And if you arrive by car, the recommended entrance to the old town is by Calle San Esteban, to the Plaza de la Alfalfa and just before arriving at the square stop the car to carry the luggage to the accommodation. We recommend to study the map of the city and that the driver does not leave the car and go to the right by the street Odreros towards the public parking, the nearest are: Parking Image. Sor Angela de la Cruz Street Parking Schools Pias. Plaza de las Escuelas Pias. Attention if you go from Odreros street you will have to take a great tour around the old town or look for other car parks like the Arenal or Puerta de Jerez parking further away from the apartment.

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